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    Where intelligent and business minded women network without leaving home.

  • Who We Are

    Welcome to WiseWomen.online. I’m Regina Victoria, your Host and Executive Producer.


    Chances are you heard about WiseWomen at a networking event and thought to yourself…Do I really need another addition to my busy life?


    We know where you are, sister. Your juggling a zillion balls in the air, kids, work, men, the gym and of course navigating traffic. That’s why we created WiseWomen.online, so you wouldn’t have another thing to attend, this could be the best thing in your life that you don’t have to leave your home to participate in.


    So what is WiseWomen.online and why is worth the investment of one hour of your frenetic and often over-scheduled life?


    First, it’s an electronic forum of no more than 50 women that meet for one hour each week and there’s no men allowed. You don’t have “Dress for Success” because you stay home and it’s at held at a convenient hour in the evening. There’s no dues to pay, no gas to buy, no food you have to purchase & eat and best of all no extraneous noise in the background, like you hear in restaurants.


    All you need to participate is a decent internet connection, and a tablet, laptop or a desktop computer that has a camera. We use an amazing technology called zoom which is like Skype only far superior because everyone is on the screen at the same time and everyone can clearly see who you are. Unlike the boring “Go to Sleeping” webinars you’ve seen where a presenter shows PowerPoint and talks forever, you are an integral part of the forum.


    Each week we have a central theme and an expert to lead the discussion and the topics are the kind of things that you’re interested in: Finances, Women’s Health, Dealing with Aging Parents, Real Estate, Legal Matters, Beauty and other topics that you suggest.


    We also know that the reason you attend “traditional” networking events is to promote your business, cause, event or even yourself. You get to do that as well during the forum. But here’s the benefit to you…there’s no geographical limitations, like local events impose and follow-up with women you want to connect with is as easy as pie, by just using the private chat window and scheduling a Zoom one-to-one.


    So here’s your next step. Right below this video is a simple registration form that you fill in so we can invite you to the most convenient forum for your schedule. Oh and if you are an expert in a particular topic and would be interested in co-hosting, please let me know.


    Let’s summarize: WiseWomen.online No driving anywhere, No “Dressing for Success”, No dues, No Food to buy and eat and No Men.Just Wise Women getting to learn, grow and build business and personal relationships.

    Register today, I can’t wait to “see you virtually.”


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